Our Services

Heavy Duty Transport

We provide 24/7 all heavy duty transport services.

Logistics Divisions

Packaging, delivering and storing of goods. Installing and removing homes and offices furniture, and exporting and shipping

Personal used items customs clearance

We offer clearance for personal used items. Requirements: 1. A valid copy of the passport –

GLS Custom Clearance

Seven days a week for fresh and frozen goods and foodstuffs. And commercial goods every day from

Air Port Clearance

Air Freight Seven days a week for fresh and froze goods and  foodstuffs. And commercial goods every day

Port Land Clearance

King Fahd Causeway, clearance over 24 hours a day, seven days a week including Friday and public

Maritime Port Clearance

Mina Salman Port, Khalifa Bin Salman Port, Dry Dock Port Clearing, forwarding and transporting services every day except on

Customs Clearance for Cars

We provide all types of cars clearings and initial examination procedures for cars and trucks with

Forklifts Division

We provide 24/7 all Forklifts services.

Department Of Real Estate

Buying and selling real estates and renting apartments, offices, homes and warehouses all over the Kingdom of